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St. Ignatious of Antioch Church | Westown Neighborhood, Westown CDC

St. Ignatius of Antioch Church, 12904 Lorain Avenue, Westown

The Most Reverend Ignatius F. Horstmann founded the parish of Saint Ignatius of Antioch on September 2, 1902. The following year, on March 15, 1903, the first parish meeting was held in Howland's hall at the corner of Lorain and Minton Avenue.

On October 18, 1925, the cornerstone was laid for the present church. The grand structure was designed by the architect E.T.P. Graham of Boston and completed in 1930. The church is constructed of Bedford limestone in the Romanesque tradition, showing a Byzantine influence in the slender marble columns of the recessed triple entrance and the delicacy of the stonework. In 1984, the building was declared a landmark by the City of Cleveland.

Architects: Edward T.P. Graham
& F. Stillman Fish

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Westown Neighborhood, Lorain Avenue, Cleveland Ohio
Westown Neighborhood, Lorain Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio

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