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AACCESS Ohio Building/Former Lyric Theater | Westown Neighborhood, Westown CDC

Built in 1926, the 1,100-seat Lyric Theater was built in the mid 1920s and was used primarily for movie viewing. Max Lefkowich and Abraham Polster bought the property the Lyric stood on from the Senate Theater Company in April of 1926. Lefkowich and Polster owned the Lyric until June of 1946, when they sold the property. The Lyric continued under different ownership until if finally closed in the early 1960s. The last show ran on Saturday, July 21, 1962. It was a double feature of "The Big Country" with Gregory Peck and "Thunder Road" with Robert Mitchum.

The Lyric Theater later became the Lorain Avenue Masonic Temple. In 2003, under the ownership of AACCESS-Ohio, the Lyric Theater fa├žade was renovated through the City of Cleveland Storefront Renovation Program. A new marquee was installed, and the exterior of the building was completely renovated. AACCESS-Ohio also made major repairs and renovations to the interior of the building, restoring the remarkable lobby and transforming the auditorium into a beautiful banquet room. The building is now used for AACCESS-Ohio offices as well as a social club and banquet hall.

Architect: J.H. MacDowell

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Westown Neighborhood, Lorain Avenue, Cleveland Ohio
Westown Neighborhood, Lorain Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio

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