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Historic & Notable Landmarks Tour, Lorain Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio  
Lorain Avenue, Historic & Notable Landmarks Tour, Cleveland, Ohio    

Difiore's Music | Westown Neighborhood, Westown CDC

Phnom Penh Restaurant, 13124 Lorain Avenue, Westown

For over fifty years, DiFiore's Music has been a Cleveland institution for musicians and music fans dedicated to rock 'n roll. Long before the Rock 'N Roll Hall of Fame came to town, DiFiore's attracted such luminaries as Pete Townshend, Ginger Baker, and Jethro Tull who stopped by the storefront at 13342 Lorain to pick out a new guitar or just to talk about the "business" with late founder Ed DiFiore Sr. Now in the hands of Ed's Children, Lanne and Chip, DiFiore's still attracts budding musicians in need of lessons as well as fans who want a look at the famous "Wall of Fame," where you can see first hand the signatures of the famous musicians who passed through.

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Westown Neighborhood, Lorain Avenue, Cleveland Ohio
Westown Neighborhood, Lorain Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio

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