Discover Lorain Avenue | Historic & Notable Landmarks Tour, Cleveland, Ohio
Historic & Notable Landmarks Tour, Lorain Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio  
Lorain Avenue, Historic & Notable Landmarks Tour, Cleveland, Ohio    

This three-story commercial building with a small two-story building attached at the rear along West 95th Street was built to house the Lang Furniture Store and the Lang Funeral Home - quite a common practice in the early 1900's as the caskets were produced by the cabinet makers.

At the center of the building is a recessed entry with plate glass windows across the front of the first floor. The building features engaged brick pilasters with unadorned stone capitals that separate the bays and rise from the second through the third story. The roof parapet has stone coping with small peaked battlements at the corners of the building.

The front of the main building has a separate entrance at the east end featuring red bricks and simple side lights that lead to the third-story that housed a Masonic Hall, complete with meeting rooms and stage set-off with Corinthian columns.

The rear building has a center entry with a brick basket arch. The second story has eleven evenly spaced windows across the fa├žade.

The family home of the George C. Lang family stands on West Boulevard, just north of Western Avenue.

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Lorain Station Historic District, Lorain Avenue, Cleveland Ohio
Lorain Station Historic District, Lorain Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio

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