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Hope Memorial | Market Square Historic District

Hope Memorial, Lorain-Carnegie Bridge (1932), Cleveland Ohio

The Lorain Carnegie Bridge, which is the gateway, logo and inspiration for the website was opened and dedicated in 1932. Plans for the bridge predate World War I. New York City Sculptor Henry Hering and the prestigious Cleveland firm of Walker and Weeks designed the bridge.

In 1927, the Cuyahoga County Commissioners placed an initiative on the ballot that successfully raised an eight million dollars bond issue for the project. The project included a land acquisition cost of 6.5 million dollars, left a balance in the county treasury of 1.5 million dollars.

The two massive pylons at either end of the bridge rise over 40 feet. Each of the figures holds a distinct vehicle celebrating the development of transportation. The Ohio Cut Stone Company, which was located on Random Road in Cleveland's historic little Italy neighborhood, was commissioned to carve these figures. Under the direction of master stone carver, Antonio Chiocchio, he assembled a team of over 20 stonecutters, blacksmiths, toolmakers, polishers, and crane hook operators to complete and install the works from sandstone quarried from the nearby Berea quarries.

In 1976, the bridge was entered into the national register of historic places. In 1983, by resolution of the board of county commissioners, the name of the bridge became the Hope Memorial Bridge.

Top Photo from the collection of Jack O'Brien, Warrensville Heights, Ohio.

Engineer: Wilbur J. Watson & Associates
Architect: Walker & Weeks

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Market Square Historic District, Lorain Avenue, Cleveland Ohio
Market Square Historic District, Lorain Avenue, Cleveland Ohio

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