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West Side Market | Market Square Historic District

West Side Market, West 25th & Lorain Avenue (1912), Cleveland Ohio

If you want to take part in a bit of Cleveland's rich ethnic history and do your grocery shopping at the same time, simply take a trip to the West Side Market. Shoppers and gourmets come from throughout the region to sample the Market's fruits, vegetables, pastry, and specialty foods. The West Side Market is easily identified by its graceful clock tower and the beautiful Neo-Classical/Byzantine Style building.

Though a market has operated on this site since 1840, The West Side Market opened its doors on October 31, 1912. Ninety years later, it is still a bustling and thriving place where vendors and customers engage in lively conversation while doing their weekly shopping. The recent renovations, as part of the millennium project, have made the West Side Market and the surrounding area the place to shop, socialize, and enjoy.

While walking through the main arcade on the original quarry tile flooring, take time to look around and see the decorative cast ceramic corbels featuring animals and vegetables on the columns. While shopping for your meats, cheeses, and specialty items, look up and admire the clerestory of windows providing natural lighting and ventilation. Revel at the suspended vaulted ceiling, made of a very thin shell of terra cotta tile, placed in a rich herringbone design.

When you shop at the West Side Market you become part of the rich ethnic history of the Market and Cleveland.

Architect: Hubbell and Benes

Shop at the West Side Market

Information obtained from Joanne M. Lewis, To Market, To Market, Elandon Books, Inc. Cleveland Heights, Ohio 1981 (pg 28-49)

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Market Square Historic District, Lorain Avenue, Cleveland Ohio
Market Square Historic District, Lorain Avenue, Cleveland Ohio

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