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Historic Alger Cemetary | Kamm's Corners

Historic Alger Cemetery

This is the final resting place of many of the settlers and the early leaders and builders of Rockport, West Park, and Kamm's Corners. Some familiar family names include Colbrunn, Triskett, Sixt, and Kamm. Kamm's Corners namesake, Oswald Kamm and his wife Lena rest at Alger.

Maintained by Rockport Township until the Village of West Park was established in 1900. It became the responsibility of the City of Cleveland upon West Park Village's annexation on January 1, 1923.

The cemetery is visible at West 168th and Lorain Avenue on the south side. However, the entrance is on Bradgate Avenue, off of Rocky River Drive.

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Kamm's Corners, Lorain Avenue, Cleveland Ohio
Kamm's Corners, Lorain Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio

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