The rich history of Lorain Avenue, that has not been diminished by the passage of time, is encompassed in an eight mile long legacy of Cleveland’s pioneering past and its fascinating future. Linking the landmark West Side Market to the thriving center at Kamm’s Corners is a thoroughfare which is thoroughly Cleveland.

    The enticing aspects of an avenue of old-fashioned charm are woven with the modern view of a metropolitan center. What was once a part of Cleveland’s early commercial beginnings is now a part of the city’s intriguing collection of shops, restaurants, markets, and entertainment establishments. Explore the rich heritage of the distinctive and diverse neighborhoods that converge upon Lorain Avenue to offer a cultural sampling of the people who make Cleveland such a unique urban area.

take the easy alternate
    Visitors to Cleveland can avoid the hassle and monotony of freeway driving by choosing the Lorain Avenue Cityside Route from the Cleveland Hopkins International Airport into downtown Cleveland. The airport rental car lot on Rocky River Drive is just minutes from Lorain Avenue (consult the Cityside Route Map). Urban exploration by foot or bus will bring an interesting shopping or sightseeing adventure, or perhaps a memorable ethnic meal without a fast food wrapper.
    Public transportation is a definite advantage. Three Rapid Transit train stations along the Lorain Avenue corridor serve this commercial strip with stations at West 25th Street, West 65th Street and West Park. Or, riders on the Regional Transit Authority (RTA) #22 bus can take advantage of “Stop Over Privileges.” Ask the driver for a transfer that can be used in a three hour span to board the bus up to three times in one direction. With transfer in hand, one can make three stops along Lorain Avenue to sample stores and shops anywhere along the route—all for the regular fare. Whether on foot, by car, by bus or by Rapid Transit train, Lorain Avenue’s offerings are easily accessible.

a ribbon of retail awaits
    Visitors to Lorain Avenue can experience antiques and amusements, entertainment and ethnicity all in one straight shot. Choose to begin a shopping spree at the historic West Side Market at West 25th Street and Lorain, or start at the vibrant Kamm’s Corners where grocer and postmaster Oswald Kamm set up shop in 1875. Oswald Kamm’s store is now a historically renovated restaurant and solidly establishes a village feel in an urban setting.
    Lorain Avenue provides a continuous route of retail offerings without the mall effect. The changing facades of the stores chronicles the Victorian and Italianate atmosphere of Ohio City to the modern styling of Westown Center. One can experience the contrasting retail where fabric and fish may be found in adjoining storefronts.
    Bicycle shops along Lorain have a proud history that began before the turn of the century and continue today. And, if your taste in bikes runs more to “hogs” than Schwinns, that’s okay because there’s a motorcycle shop—one of the nation’s top dealerships—as well.
    The diversity and distinctiveness of the retailers along the way is best explored and experienced for all their unique offerings. One may conveniently locate a scuba shop, a skating emporium, or a well-stocked Army/Navy store all within the stretch of Lorain Avenue.
    If one favors the eclectic, then it’s just the destination to discover New Age shops that are sure to engage one’s interests or at least provide some spellbinding shopping.
    Delight in the lighthearted with a visit to a costume shop, or browse the gift shops that specialize in the unique and unusual. Finding something special for those who are hard-to-buy-for isn’t a daunting task when one has an eight mile stretch of stimulating shopping options.

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